Connection is the heartbeat of my photography. I often hear people try to tell me that they're "just not photogenic", and to be fair all of my talent as an artist is rendered useless if my subject feels uncomfortable. A good portrait cannot be faked; if the subject feels rigid, people's intuition will pick up on that. I've never heard of a CEO of a company wanting to look like a frightened deer in headlights in their picture, but the truth is most people, myself included, simply don't have that natural confidence when put in front of the lens. It feels like being put on a stage without a script and told to perform.

My goal for every person that walks into my studio is to inspire authentic confidence and approachability. It truly makes me come alive. I've studied top industry professionals' methods in coaching people on how to combat that dreadfully awkward feeling of having their picture taken and guide them through a relaxed process to produce a portrait that is not only convincing, but that really speaks, that evokes a reaction from the onlooker.

Our human nature is encompassed by the desire to connect, to be known. Whether you are an attorney, an artist, an actor/actress, a writer, a blogger, a musician, what you communicate through your portrait is paramount in making that first connection a positive and impressionable one. I work with each client uniquely to make sure that happens.

To talk about your vision, project, promotion, whatever it may be, give me a call or send me an email and let's start a conversation.



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